Private Consultations for Optimal Dog Training in Auckland

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with Tailored One-on-One Sessions

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Individualised Canine Training

At Good Dog Training, we believe that each dog is unique with their own individual personality and needs. Just as every human being is different, so too are our four-legged friends. That’s why we offer Private Consultations—completely personalized dog training sessions right here in Auckland. Whether your furry companion is a young, energetic puppy just starting their training journey, or an older dog needing a little extra guidance, we have the expertise to make your pet’s experience rewarding and enjoyable. If you are ready to crack into things or not sure which training path to take, an initial 1-on-1 training session is a great place to start on your training journey.

Good Dog Training Dog Trainer teaching an owner how to walk their dog on leash

Our Private Consult Services

Private Dog Training

Tailored lessons addressing your dog's unique behaviour for a balanced, well-behaved pet

Cost $120

In-Home Consultations

Our trainers come to you, offering personalised training in your dog's most comfortable environment.

Cost $300 + travel fees

Training with Ryan

Leverage Ryan's extensive expertise for transformative training, perfect for challenging canine issues.

Cost $160

SPECIAL DEAL 3x Private Consult Sessions Only $299 Save $60

Uncover the Power of Personalisation

Why Choose Private Consultations?

Private consultations bring the training to a more personal, attentive level. Here's why they could be the perfect fit for you and your furry friend:

Personalised Approach

Every dog is unique. Our one-on-one sessions are custom-tailored to your pet's temperament, needs, and pace. It's training that truly fits your dog.

Undivided Attention

With private consultations, your dog enjoys our undivided attention. This focus allows us to understand your dog better and results in more effective training.

Convenient and Flexible

Busy schedule? No problem. Our private sessions can be arranged at times that work best for you and conducted in a setting where your dog is most comfortable.

Quicker Results

With individualised attention and a training plan tailored to your dog's specific needs, you'll see improvements in your dog's behaviour faster.


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Private Dog Training Session

Discover an intimate approach to dog training with our Private Dog Training Sessions. Each session is meticulously tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs and your training objectives, offering a deeply personalized learning experience.

  • Enhance your dog’s behaviour, from leash walking to basic obedience.
  • Address specific issues like nipping, jumping, recall, and anxiety.
  • Ideal for new rescue dogs, puppies, or any dog needing refined training.
  • We’re equipped to handle diverse training challenges—big or small.

Cost $120 + GST

In-Home Consultations

Create a harmonious living environment with your pet through our In-Home Consultations. These sessions bring our head trainer’s expertise right to your doorstep, offering comfort, convenience, and customized training.

  • Benefit from our balanced approach to dog training, tailored to your home environment.
  • Foster improved relationships and communication with your pet.
  • Address specific issues such as separation anxiety, chewing, reactivity, and leash skills.
  • Ideal for puppy training and helping dogs adjust to a new environment.

These 2-hour sessions take place in and around your home, offering hands-on solutions to your dog training needs.

Cost $300 + Travel Costs

Good Dog Training business owner Ryan training with a dog
Happy dogs after going through Dog Behavior Training

One-On-One Training with Ryan

Unlock a higher level of canine understanding through our One-On-One Training with Ryan. These exclusive sessions offer a deeper dive into dog psychology and advanced training methods.

  • Experience personalized guidance from Ryan, our head trainer, with limited availability.
  • Perfect for owners facing significant behavioural challenges or seeking advanced training.
  • Enhance your understanding of dog psychology and strengthen your bond with your pet.
  • Conducted at our dedicated facility on Peak Road, Helensville.

Cost $160+ GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

You can book any of our training sessions by clicking on the “Enquire Now” button under each service description, or by reaching out to us via our Contact Us page.

Our standard Private Dog Training Sessions and One-On-One Training with Ryan last for one hour. Our In-Home Consultations are designed to be more intensive and last for two hours.

Before a session, make sure your dog is well-rested and ready to learn. Have a leash and any of your pet’s favourite treats or toys on hand. If there are specific issues you want to address, make a list so you can discuss them with the trainer.

No problem! Our trainers are experienced in working with dogs at all levels of training, from puppies to older dogs who are just starting their training journey. We tailor our approach to fit your dog’s needs and abilities.

Absolutely! We understand the need for flexible scheduling and will do our best to accommodate your preferred times. However, please note that the availability of slots may vary.

Yes. While all our sessions are personalised, the One-On-One Training with Ryan offers an opportunity to dive deeper into dog psychology and advanced training methods. These sessions are ideal for owners facing significant behavioural challenges or seeking advanced training.

Our trainers are experienced in working with multiple dogs. However, it might be more beneficial to focus on one dog per session to ensure that each pet gets the attention and training they require. If you have more than one dog, discuss this with us, and we can recommend the best approach.

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