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    Our Mission

    Here at Good Dog Training, we really do love dogs, and we want to help create a change. There is a missing link between dog behavior, dog training and dog adoption.

    We believe that rescuing a dog is not just about finding him or her a forever home – but taking these dogs in and rebuilding their life skills as dogs, building up their confidence, and setting them up to succeed with their new well-suited owner.

    We want to bridge this gap by fully training our rescue dogs from ground up, ensuring they are 100% dog, world, and people social, as well as having a solid obedience before they can be considered for adoption. This process may take two weeks, but it may also take eight months, even a year, no matter how long and how much work each individual dog needs we will give it, you can not rush individuality.

    Alongside our adoption process, we will supply full training for new owners and ongoing support to our rescues and their new families should any questions arise along the way. Its simple, create sound happy, balanced dogs and educate as many people as we can along the way.

    We are open to collaborating on projects with you! The more we can help and work with other rescue organizations, fosters, owners and businesses, the more people we can reach, teach, and grow the knowledge around dog psychology, behavior and training.

    To get in touch email Amber at Info@gooddogtraining.co.nz or phone 021 137 4143

    Ready for adoption


    Frank is a toy poodle.

    Frank is 2.5 years old.

    This little guy is up for adoption. He is a little nervous around new people so he will need a patient owner willing to give him a couple of weeks to settle in and build his confidence. Once he has built that trust he will be your best companion.

    Frank is quite a high energy little guy and would keep up with someone that enjoys short runs, big walks, and adventures daily.


    Advertising on behalf of a long term client, who unfortunately due to significant life changes has to, with a heavy heart, look for a new home for Marley dog.

    Her mum’s words… Marley is a really cool dog. She is a rescue dog who we have had since 4 months old. She has been attending Good Dog Training since then and is well socialized, with great boundaries.

    She loves humans, and although she sleeps in her own bed within the garage she will take any opportunity to cuddle up on the couch or on the bed. She loves adults, kids and dogs.

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