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Staff member training a medium dog how to sit and stay whilst on a leash.

More on dog crate training – Video series

Let us go over how to crate-train your dog! This week we touch on how to crate train your dog and settle them when you are first introducing the crate to your dog’s schedule. Click the link to watch episode 5! Some dogs are very easy to train and there is no trouble whatsoever,

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Owner of Good Dog Training teaching dogs how to not be reactive

How to Become a Leader to your Dog (Videos + Blog)

What is Leadership? What is “become an alpha to your dog?” Being a leader to a dog is looking after his or her basic needs. When we look into how to become an alpha to our dog we learn about our dog’s needs and outlets. The better behaved our dogs will be, creating well-balanced and

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Dog wearing Christmas hat sitting by a Christmas tree

The Best Way To Train Your Dog During The Holiday Season

Knowing The best way to train your dog is important. After all, if we have not kept consistency with our dog when the holiday seasons come around, that just adds unnecessary stress. The holiday season is a time to enjoy a break with your friends and family, which, of course, includes our dogs. Why not

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