Methods we use

Our overarching aim is to set you and your dog up for success, long term success.


Who we are

During your dog’s stay with us we start building key skills your doggo needs to be a well-adjusted member of your household. This includes looking at your dog’s needs, like exercise, an effective house-management system, a clear communication system (between you and your dog), and training effective social skills with people and other dogs. We then combine these with great obedience – both on and off the lead.

We know that all problem behaviour is a form of communication – there are no ‘bad’ dogs. For example, your dog may be reacting on a leash during a walk. We need to identify what that behaviour is communicating. Let’s say it is ‘fear’. If we can help your dog overcome that fear the problem behaviour would not need to reoccur. To do this, we would start building foundational skills in a safe and controlled environment, both with our trainers and other trained dogs. We would then teach your doggo to apply these skills out in the real world, one step at a time. In this way your dog’s training is tailor made to their specific needs. The last piece of the puzzle is transferring the training over to you, so it can be applied and maintained at home.

We have incredibly effective methods to train and create a well-behaved member of your family. In short, our structure consists of the following:

  • Exercise
  • A sound house management system
  • Correct socializing with people, dogs and different environments
  • Good, reliable, basic obedience on and off-leash

The above combination creates a well-rounded dog.

What methods do we use?

At Good Dog Training, we use balanced training. This means that we use a
combination of reward-based training and pressure-based training. Each dog is unique and the approach to their training will be slightly different. For example, some
dogs may start timid or very insecure and others very bolshy. We will adapt the
training to suit each dog’s needs to ensure we get the best possible results.

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