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Good Dog Training Business owner Ryan patting two dogs.

Auckland Dog Trainer

Welcome to Auckland’s top dog training hub, where we’re renowned for handling tough behaviours and establishing superior obedience. Our Auckland Dog Trainers employ practical strategies that provide real change and rejuvenate your bond with your canine companion.

Whether you need assistance in guiding your new pup, wish to learn dog training skills yourself, or are looking for professional dog training services, our Auckland Dog Trainer experts are here to support you.

At GDT, no dog training challenge is too daunting. With a solid decade of experience under our belt, we have successfully navigated a vast array of behavioural obstacles. Our cutting-edge dog training methods and systems are designed to drive effective behavioural transformation. Using the latest findings from behavioural science, we customise our programs to align with your individual needs and maintain close observation of progress to guarantee the best outcomes.

Specializing in addressing complex behaviours is our day-to-day mission. Join our Auckland Dog Training programs and observe a remarkable change in your dog’s conduct, restoring the joyful relationship between you and your four-legged friend.

Not sure where to start? Book an initial consultation so we can meet you and your dog, unpack some behaviour, work on foundations, and make a progression plan that will best suit your lifestyle and your dog’s learning style.

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Private Consults

Customized training adjusted to best suit you and your do. We work with you, your family, and your dog; offering a balanced approach to dog training that works.

Daycare & Kennels

We are the experts when it comes dog psychology and dog behaviour. We provide quality guided dog-on-dog interaction, the perfect balance of learning and fun.

Board and Train

Whether you have a puppy that you want to be highly responsive, an adult dog that is out of control, or you simply want a dog that listens every time you give a command.

14 Day Recall

14-day board and train style training course for your dog to learn all the fundamentals for communication and reliable recall. This is a great tool for advanced training.


This course is great for owners that are busy, that find it hard to find quality social interactions with other dogs on a regular basis, dogs that need help reading social cues

Group Classes

Learn How to create a clear communication system that both you and your dog understand. Leash skills and heeling. Obedience and Commands

Puppy Training

Start your puppy off from the get-go with well-informed dog behaviour and psychology. Setting up a solid foundation for your puppy to thrive.

Zoom Training

Choose from a one off 1 hour zoom consultation All the benefits of our usual 1 on 1 dog training session from the comfort of your home and at a discounted rate!

Online Course

Looking for something to take with you on the go? I have poured my years of experience into this online course for you, with over 42 Lessons – over FIVE Hours of Video Content. Get Lifetime access for just $80

Meet the Team

Get to know some of our awesome team
Ryan owner of Good Dog Sitting down patting a dog.
Ryan Palmer-Kiddell
Owner / Trainer & Dog Behaviourist
The manager of Good Dog Training Amber walking alongside a Dog practicing its off leash skills.
Owner / Manager
God Dog Training staff member training a dog how to walk on a leash.
Good Dog Training Staff member teaching a small dog how to sit and stay
Staff member teaching a medium dog how to walk on a leash.
Staff member with two dogs on leash on either side of him teaching them how to not pull whilst on a leash.
Staff member training a medium dog how to sit and stay whilst on a leash.

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