Our beautiful daycare facility is situated on a four-acre block surrounded securely by seven-foot fencing. With several partitioned areas, we are able to safely combine exercise, training, socializing and play for every single dog.

The large outdoor space gives your dog the chance to operate in a pack, the way nature intended. This of course involves a whole lot of playing, chasing, rolling and swimming. Our outdoor style day care has a huge outdoor shelter for the rainy days and a large pond to cool off in on those hot summer days.

We pride ourselves on being more than just your average day-care; dogs are kept busy all day by our professional team who instinctively teach all of our daycare dogs basic behaviour and proper dog etiquette. Throughout the day they will learn how to greet other dogs correctly, interact and play appropriately, basic recall around dogs, and waiting at thresh-holds.

The combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation will mean that you will be greeted by one tired, content, and balanced pooch at end of day pick up. Please note that your doggies will probably come home a little dirty, but that’s a sign that they had fun right?!

Day-care is offered Monday – Friday. Limited spaces on any given day so to secure your spot we recommend booking a regular weekly spot. First time clients need to book in for a trial prior to attending day care.

2021 year ends December 22nd

Please book your desired days through the booking system button on the right.

All dogs must attend a trial day. All dogs must be over 8 Months.

Let your dog come join the Good Dog Team. Book your dogs FREE day trial with us!

    Daycare price

    $40per day
    • 2 Days – $78
    • 3 Days – $108
    • Unlimited – $120 / week

    Overnight Camp

    Our overnight camp includes some pack fun in the Good Dog Training paddock, socializing with other dogs, structure and free time.

    Rather than once a week for one day like regular day care, we do encourage block stays. Your dog will return home after a good getaway with their energy well utilized, happy and content.

    Our focus on these overnight camps is training, creating calm dogs and working WITH owners to create balanced dogs and behaviors that last a lifetime.

    This is a great option for you and your dog, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

    This is ideal to help those dogs with separation anxiety. Spending a night or two away on an ongoing basis can help work your dog through this anxiety.

    Ideal for anxiety, socializing, all around fun and adventure. Numbers are limited.

    Overnight Camp price

    $90full days & 1 night