Here we learn how to crate train your dog (Video Blog)

Let us go over how to crate-train your dog!

As we wrap up the ins and outs of crate training. We cover some super simple but key components on how to crate train your dog that every dog owner should focus on and create habits out of.


Click here to watch Episode 7 in our crate training series.

Missed and not spoken-about training tips will be opportunities for you to improve the training experience.

In addition, following these simple rules will sculpt the rest of your future, the freedom, and the fun with your dog.


Establishing rules and boundaries in the home

It does not have to be challenging.

Think of the leash as 4 feet of extra control.

The leash should stay on the dog until it understands expectations. It is a means of controlling and setting boundaries.

Free time generally, free time should be in a fully fenced backyard, So the dog shouldn’t be able to escape. It is a place where the dog can ‘be a dog’ – run, play and have fun.

Therefore, keep playtime outside rather than inside where bad behaviours develop.

Rules and boundaries are set up to teach the dog that they are living in our space, not the other way around – this stops hierarchy issues.

Affection should only be given as a reward; this stops the dog from picking up unwanted behaviours if given at the wrong time.

Brain engagement and world exposure consistently are important to rid anxiety and promote a happy and balanced headspace.

The key is consistency when it comes to how to crate train your dog so hang in there and if you need any assistance we have dog training services to help you.

Stay tuned as we move beyond the crate and into leash work and obedience training next week!

Have major trouble with your dog at home?

We have obedience classes starting back up however we are so close to the end of the year, there are not many spaces available. Make sure to contact us if you want to get into a group class.


Watch our final tips to help improve crate training

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