More on dog crate training – Video series

Small Brown Dog inside a crate inside a house

Let us go over how to crate-train your dog!

This week we touch on how to crate train your dog and settle them when you are first introducing the crate to your dog’s schedule.

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Some dogs are very easy to train and there is no trouble whatsoever, however, some dogs do struggle, and they can bark, whine, and scratch at the door and this can be a little trying.

So make sure you keep at it, stay consistent, and be persistent.

A little persistence now is going to set you up for a world of ease when it comes to having people over, going to dog-friendly air B and B’s, or staying over at a friend’s house, not to mention the improvement towards toilet training and prevention of chewing and anxiety.

Here are 3 key things to remember this week:

When training a dog, your goal is to build new behaviours and break old ones. This can be achieved through consistent repetition. Inconsistency is only going to prolong or make things impossible.

Each time the consistency gets broken you are undermining your own effort.

Dogs learn through repetition.

Your dog will only become an expert at what you allow it to do daily. What are you communicating to your dog?

Click here to watch Episode 6

Ryan runs through what you need to be mindful of when you let your dog out of its crate. Did you realise you could be unintentionally rewarding an anxious headspace?

Progressing forward through a threshold (The crate door is a threshold) is a reward to your dog, which means every time you let your dog out of their crate you are essentially rewarding them, their behaviour, and their state of mind. If you let your dog out for barking or whining, you are reinforcing this behaviour. If your dog is being pushy and you let them rush out, you are rewarding this pushy behaviour.

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