Doggie Daycare: Everything You Need To Know 2023

Looking for a home away from home for your beloved pooch? A doggie daycare service is a fantastic way to keep your dog healthy, happy and well looked after when you can’t be at home with them. Just read on to learn more about what dog daycares are and what they offer your canine companion.

What Is A Doggy Daycare Service?

These can be anything from temporary, day-stay socialisation programmes to long-term overnight boarding for your dog.

Many of us might know dog daycares as a means to ensure that your dog’s looked after while you’re away on holiday, but that’s not all they offer your pet. They’re also a great way to help them spend time with other furry friends, get heaps of exercise and healthy stimulation and gain more confidence around new places and people.

These awesome places have large spaces where your dog can spend time running around with their four-legged fellows and warm, cosy beds where they can take a well-deserved nap once playtime finishes.

That’s what makes them great options if your best friend needs to run off some energy, make some new canine friends or if you just want to ensure that they’ll get attentive, loving care when you’re away from home. At Good Dog Training, we like to think that our doggie daycare’s like a holiday for your pet – you won’t be the only one on vacation!

Is a dog daycare right for my dog?

Absolutely! Dogs are highly social pack animals, after all, and benefit greatly from spending time around other dogs. Doggy daycare will give your dog an environment in which it can meet new canine companions, get plenty of exercise and stimulation and learn to become comfortable in different places.

Most dog daycare centres sort their guests into different playgroups depending on your dog’s age, play style and size. That way, you can be sure that your dog will be having the best time possible – right until they see you again!

It’s not just good for your dog!

Fido won’t be the only one that benefits. When your dog’s boarded with us, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your best buddy’s in good hands.

They won’t be sitting home alone, barking the day away or turning your sofa into a new chew toy. Dogs left alone at home get stressed out, sad and frustrated – these highly intelligent pack animals need plenty of socialisation and stimulation to be at their best.

That’s exactly what a dog daycare gives you. They’ll get delicious meals, plenty of loving pets and belly rubs and lots of time to spend running around with their new furry friends.

How can doggy daycare benefit my dog?

There are heaps of benefits your pooch will get when they enter our doggie daycare. That includes all of the following:

They’ll stay in great shape

Exercise isn’t just important for humans. Your dog will get to burn off plenty of energy when they’re running around and spending their days playing with new friends. That makes for a healthy doggy in both body and mind.

An active dog is a happy dog, with better muscular and joint health, a calmer temperament and a better night’s sleep after playtime finishes. This is especially beneficial for overweight dogs or dogs that live in apartments and don’t get many opportunities to run around and play outdoors.

They’ll get to make new friends

If you want a happy, healthy, well-adjusted canine buddy, proper socialisation is essential. Doggy daycare is especially beneficial for puppies and younger dogs to learn to be comfortable around other four-legged friends.

It’s also beneficial if your dog is shy and needs to come out of their shell. Plenty of socialisation will get you a happier, calmer companion once your dog is back home.

Settle their separation anxiety

It can be challenging for your dog when you’re away. When they’re at daycare, they won’t be left alone and will be distracted playing with exciting new friends and receiving plenty of loving care from daycare staff, helping them overcome feelings of separation anxiety.

Keep your dog busy in body and mind

Placing your dog in doggie daycare is an excellent way to ensure that they’re kept busy with fun-filled enrichment activities while they’re away from home.

So whether you need a place for your dog to go while you’re at work, have a holiday planned or just want your pooch to have fun with some new playmates, you can be sure that they’ll be in loving, attentive hands with Good Dog Training.

Our passionate team will give your dog the love and care they deserve. They’ll have a great time playing and socialising while you’re away, and you’ll come back to a happy, healthy, excited best buddy.

If you have any questions about our dog daycare services or would like to book a place for your pet, please get in touch with us at 027 911 4115.

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