5 Things You Should Do For Your Dog Because They Can’t Do It Themselves

Our dogs can do a lot for us – they provide us with friendship, comfort and loyalty that is often hard to find. However, there is also a lot that we can, and should, do for our furry friends that they cannot do for themselves. When you have a dog, dog care should be something that you frequently think about.

Even though your pooch is intelligent and capable, there are still many things that they cannot do for themselves. Instead, they rely on you for food, water, companionship and more. While you can step outside and go to the store, your pet can only go to you. 

So, you must care for your friend and do things for them that they cannot do for themselves.

5 Things That You Can Do For Your Dog

It would be best if you did plenty of things for your animal to enhance their quality of life and make sure they stay happy and healthy. However, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what they require because they can’t voice their needs.

Even though your pup can’t speak to you and explicitly state what kind of dog care they would like, you can still take action to ensure their safety. A few things that you should do for your dog include:

1. Keep Potentially Dangerous Food Out Of Their Reach. Unless you have previously taught them about specific foods, your dog cannot tell the difference between a safe piece of food and something that could potentially lead to a trip to the vet.

You should always keep harmful food out of reach of your dog. It would help if you learned what common foods could hurt your dog so you can be extra careful around those particular things. While it is natural to know that items like alcohol, sugary candy and mouldy food are harmful to your pup, you might not have known that grapes, garlic and walnuts are also bad for most pets.

To ensure your dog’s safety, you can search online for what specific food items you should keep out of their reach.

2. Clean And Bathe Them. Dog care also includes making sure that your pal stays nice and clean. Dirt and messes can contain harmful bacteria that could lead to bad health conditions or an uncomfortable pooch.

So, if your dog gets dirty, it would be best if you cleaned them as soon as you could. Unlike cats, dogs aren’t very good at cleaning hard-to-reach places on their bodies. But, with your help, they can stay happy and fluffy.

3. Socialise Your Dog So They Know How To Behave. Socialisation is the process of getting your furry friend used to humans and other animals. Without proper socialisation, your dog may have trouble around other people and dogs and react badly when interacting with others.

If you have trouble socialising your dog on your own, you can contact dog trainers to lend you a hand. Professional trainers who know all about proper dog care will know how to train and take care of your dog.

4. Decide When Too Much Is Enough. Many dogs have trouble deciding when to stop eating. If given the opportunity, many pups will eat until they can’t anymore. If you let your furry friend eat all they want, they could become obese and develop health issues.

So, you should always make sure you give your dog an adequate amount of food without overfeeding them. It’s also best to ensure your buddy isn’t getting too many treats as well.

Another vital part of dog care is to make sure certain things are out of your dog’s reach – this also includes leftovers from dinner or other things that your pup could gobble up. For example, if your dog finds last night’s dinner and eats it all up, they could accidentally ingest something safe for you but toxic to them.

Even if your dog is already properly trained and you understand dog behaviour, you should still make sure you keep food out of their reach.

5. Take Them For Vet Appointments. Even if your furry pal dislikes seeing the vet, regular vet check-ups are vital to proper dog care. We recommend taking your dog for a vet check-up annually, even if they seem perfectly healthy.

Sometimes, underlying issues are hard to detect. However, your friendly veterinarian will be able to correctly assess your dog and ensure that your buddy is healthy.

Who You Can Speak To About Special Services For Your Dog

When caring for your furry pal, you should always keep in mind that you are their world. They rely on you for everything they need, and you should do your best to provide them with all they need.

Here at Good Dog Training, we are thrilled to offer New Zealand dog owners plenty of helpful services. We offer dog training, socialisation, doggy daycare and more!

To get in contact with our experienced team, please call us at 027 911 4115. We are passionate about dog care and will do our best to ensure your dog’s safety!

Your dog is a precious member of your family. So treat them well with Good Dog Training!

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