Dog Trainer Course

We are thrilled to announce our new Dog training course!


Learn how to become a Dog trainer

  • Understand your Dog more
  • Answers on how to deal with a Difficult dog
  • Train Over the Weekends
  • Get a Better Mastery Of Dog Training
  • Develop a Stronger bond with Dogs

Cost: $2490 (4 x week course)

Two images of two dog trainers teaching their dogs to sit and stay off leash

Only 10 Spots Available!

Course Starts 4th November 2024

Dog Trainer assessing two dogs whilst they socialise with other dogs.
This is an exciting opportunity for those who train dogs right now or plan on getting into it in the near future. You will learn all about:
  • Problems you will come up against as a trainer
  • Behavioural issues
  • Reactivity Issues
  • Adversity faced when Dog training
  • Remote collar
  • Correct E-collar conditioning
  • Reward base Training
  • How to Correctly Proof a Dog
  • Basic Dog Instincts
  • Dog Psychology

If you consider becoming one or want some advice on starting, then look no further because we have what it takes with over 15 years of experience.

Course Outline

The introductory day will proceed on Saturday the 4th of November at 10 am. This is just an introduction to meet you all, get a gauge on what you may or may not know about dogs, get to know the location/ parking/ housekeeping, this session should be no more than 2 hours. location: 1239 peak road Hellensville.

The classes will be held each weekend throughout November.


Each class is approximately 2 hours in duration.


Location: Peak road helensville, Auckland.


Start time: 10am

Week 1 classes – 4th, 5th

Week 2 classes – 11th, 12th

Week 3 classes – 18th, 19th

Week 4 final week – 25th, 26th

Start time 10:am am, the majority will be held at the above peak road address but some offsite sessions will occur, this will be discussed and confirmed at the end of each lesson so you know exactly when and where to be the next day.

What to bring?
Notebook and pen, you will want to take down notes as you go.
Comfortable clothes for walking and being active.

Do I need a dog?
No, you do not need a dog of your own, however in weeks 2 and 3 you may have the option to bring your dog along, this will be discussed during class.

For a LIMITED TIME when you sign up for the Dog trainer course receive the brand new online trainer FREE.

Good Dog Training Dog Trainer teaching an owner how to walk their dog on leash
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