How to Choose the Best Dog Day Care in Auckland


Selecting the best dog day care in Auckland is crucial for your pet’s well-being. With so many options available, it’s essential to choose a facility that meets your dog’s needs. At Good Dog Training, we strive to provide top-quality care and a nurturing environment for your furry friends. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the key factors to consider when choosing a dog day care in Auckland.

Location and Accessibility

  1. Proximity: Choose a dog day care that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. This makes drop-offs and pick-ups more manageable. Good Dog Training is strategically located at 1452 Dairy Flat Highway, Dairy Flat, making it accessible to residents of Auckland, Albany, and Whangaparāoa.
  2. Accessibility: Ensure the facility has ample parking and is easy to access. This can save you time and make the process of dropping off and picking up your dog stress-free.

Facility and Cleanliness

  1. Cleanliness: A clean and well-maintained facility is essential for your dog’s health and safety. During your visit, observe the cleanliness of the environment. Good Dog Training prides itself on maintaining a clean and hygienic facility.
  2. Space: Ensure the day care provides ample space for dogs to play and rest. Overcrowding can lead to stress and behavioural issues. Our facility offers spacious play areas and comfortable resting zones to ensure your dog is happy and relaxed.

Staff Qualifications

  1. Experience: The staff should be experienced and knowledgeable about canine behaviour and first aid. Our team at Good Dog Training consists of trained professionals who are passionate about providing the best care for your pets.
  2. Interaction: Observe how the staff interact with the dogs. They should be friendly, attentive, and capable of managing groups of dogs effectively.

Safety Measures

  1. Supervision: Ensure there is adequate supervision during playtime. At Good Dog Training, we have stringent supervision protocols to ensure the safety of all dogs in our care.
  2. Emergency Procedures: Inquire about the emergency procedures in place. A reputable day care will have clear protocols for handling emergencies and providing first aid if needed.

Services and Activities

  1. Range of Services: A good dog day care should offer a variety of services, including day care, training, and grooming. This ensures a comprehensive care plan for your pet. At Good Dog Training, we provide a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  2. Activities: Look for a facility that offers engaging activities to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. Our structured play sessions and enrichment activities ensure your dog remains active and happy.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  1. Online Reviews: Check online reviews to gain insights into the quality of the dog day care. Positive reviews and high ratings are indicators of a reputable facility. Good Dog Training is proud of our positive feedback from satisfied customers.
  2. References: Ask for references from current clients. This can provide valuable insights into the day care’s reputation and the quality of care provided.

Trial Visits

  1. Schedule a Visit: Before making a final decision, schedule a trial visit to see how your dog interacts with the environment and staff. We welcome trial visits at Good Dog Training to ensure our day care is the right fit for your pet.
  2. Observe Your Dog: During the trial visit, observe your dog’s behaviour. They should appear comfortable and happy in the new environment. If your dog seems anxious or stressed, it may not be the right fit.


Choosing the best dog day care in Auckland requires careful consideration of several factors, including location, facility cleanliness, staff qualifications, safety measures, services offered, and customer reviews. At Good Dog Training, we are committed to providing top-quality care and ensuring your dog has a fun and enriching experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit. Your pet’s happiness and well-being are our top priorities.

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