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Group classes are ideal for dogs aged 5.5 months and older. This ensures that all dogs in the class have basic obedience training, making the class productive for everyone.

Each class is designed to focus on one dog-owner pair at a time for effective learning. If you have more than one dog, we recommend enrolling them in separate classes or scheduling private consultations.

  1. Not at all! Our expert trainers are skilled in working with dogs at all levels of training and socialization. They will ensure your dog feels comfortable and can participate fully in the class activities.

  1. For each class, bring your dog on a leash along with any special treats or toys that your dog particularly likes. These can be used as motivational aids during training.


Our trainers are experienced in managing and working with dogs that have different temperaments. However, for dogs with severe aggression or anxiety issues, we recommend starting with private training sessions before joining group classes.

  1. Each group training class is 1 hour long.


While the frequency can depend on your dog’s needs and your own schedule, we recommend regular attendance to get the most benefit. Regular practice helps consolidate learning and promotes better communication between you and your dog.

We recommend starting at the beginning of a course to ensure you and your dog don’t miss out on any critical skills. If you can’t join from the start, get in touch with us, and we’ll try to accommodate your needs.

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