Dog behaviour Maintenance program.

About our Maintenance Service

After 10 years of training dogs with thousands of success stories and evidence-based practices, the results will speak for themselves.

We have joined the best of both worlds, a daycare service with behavioural training. Have your pooch come and stay with us 1-3 times per week, with ongoing training socialising and behavioural training and basic obedience both on and off-leash skills. This service can’t be found anywhere else in NZ.

Our facility in Dairy flat is equipped with the right environment for your dog to thrive. With 3 acres of fenced off space, and large controlled areas we can use to safely work through behavioural challenges.

All Dogs are trained by Ryan the owner and Paul the behavioural scientist. We are the only trainers in nz to follow evidence-based practices, follow the least aversive practice While taking the dog and owner into account.

We believe the training must get long-term results, teaching new skills generalising them and teaching owners is the magic sauce.

How Does it Work?

Weekly training sessions conducted with the utmost precision

Our daycare and maintenance service is for pet owners who need help and guidance with their dogs. Regardless of challenges you are running into we will be able to provide support. We guarantee results!

As you and your dog progress and improve less guidance may be needed, this graduation process helps incentivise you to practice the training and guidelines at home as well.

Training for you will be provided!

What we help with?

Dogs learning Dog Recall Training at Good Dog Training Auckland

Our Packages

Beginner Package


What’s Included:

  • Personalized Leash Training:

    Teach your pup to walk confidently by your side.

  • Recall Improvement:

    Ensure your dog comes when called, even in distracting environments.

  • Duration Exercises:

    Help your dog stay calm and focused for longer periods.

  • Distraction Training:

    Equip your dog to handle various distractions gracefully.

  • Off site training:

    throughout the weeks we will introduce new environments into the training to help generalise the skills your dog has learnt, meaning your do will listen in any environment

Ideal For:

$93.50 Per Session

Pick up drop off and wash available.

Why Choose the
Foundation Package?

With this approach, not only will your dog lead a well-rounded, contented life, but the entire family will also enjoy the benefits of a balanced, harmonious relationship with their canine companion.

Continue the training journey:

The intermediate package is great for dogs that still need some ongoing support but have the basic skills down-packed but are looking to advance.

Intermediate Package

Canine Confidence Boost


  • Personalised Training:

    Small group sessions for personalized attention.

  • Advanced Obedience:

    Sit, stay, and other essential commands. (proofing and generalization)

  • Off-Leash Recall:

    Train your dog to come back reliably, even without a leash.

  • Ongoing Socialization:

    Interact with other dogs in a controlled environment.

  • Leash Training:

    Master loose-leash walking.

Ideal For:

$73.95 Per Session

Pick up drop off and wash available.

Expert Package

Social Butterfly


  • Group Socialization:

    Your dog enjoys structured group play, enhancing social skills and etiquette.

  • Behavioral Reinforcement:

    We reinforce positive habits, ensuring consistent manners in all settings.

  • Dynamic Play:

    Engaging group activities promote healthy interactions.

  • Quick Updates:

    Receive brief progress reports on your dog's social development.

  • Personalized Attention:

    Individualized care in group settings ensures your dog's unique social needs are met.

Ideal For:

$52.70 Per Session

Pick up drop off and wash available.


What our customers are saying about Good Dog

Dogs learning how to work on their dog socilisation

Meeting and exceeding your dog's exercise needs, ensuring vitality

Regular exercise means your dog will maintain optimal health, potentially extending their lifespan. A fit dog is a happy dog, which translates to less destructive behavior at home. The entire family will benefit from a dog full of life and you’ll share countless joyous moments during play and walks, strengthening your bond further.
Its not all about exercise but using the right type of exercise to best suit your dogs needs and preferences to feel fulfilled and happy.

Facilitating refined dog socialization, encouraging the cultivation of cherished relationships

Over time, this ensures your dog gets along well with other dogs and people. Family outings, visits to the park, or social gatherings will be stress-free, allowing for richer experiences. Your dog will be welcomed everywhere, and your family will be proud of their well-behaved companion.

Dogs learning Dog Recall Training at Good Dog Training Auckland

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Canine Confidence Boost

Social Butterfly