Puppy Training

Ages up to 5 Months

We focus on your puppy and its natural needs to grow up being balanced, happy, confident and obedient.

Book in a 1 on 1 training session for you and your puppy. Learn the basics about how to build a solid foundation for your puppy.

By building this solid foundation you will set you and your puppy to succeed when it comes to basic obedience, learning social skills, and exploring the world.

The focus of these sessions are patience, boundaries, and starting to build a communication system.

From here we can help create a plan to further succeed as your puppy grows into an adolescent and into adulthood.

Puppy Training


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    Obedience Class

    Ideal for ages 6 Months & Up

    This course consists of 4 x 1 hour group sessions. REAL WORLD TRAINING.

    This course is designed for seamless communication between yourself and your dog, correcting unwanted behaviours and replacing them with new. Not only is there a focus on teaching obedience commands, dogs are, more importantly, encouraged to make good choices on their own with a calm state of mind.

    Learning within a group is great as your dog will also be more relaxed in interacting with other dogs. We will also help you with any minor dog reactivity. Please do note if your dog is very reactive, a one on one session would yield far more beneficial results.


    Marker training uses words or sounds to communicate or signal to the dog that he is doing something correctly or incorrectly. The words or sounds mark a specific moment in time when the dog performs an action or behavior. It’s feedback for the dog in its simplest form. Verbal marker words clear up and improve communication in training and streamline the training process.

    On Leash Heeling

    Involves training your dog to walk through high distraction areas and to ignore the other dogs or people present. By the end of your sessions, your dog will be a lot calmer with a controlled manner of walking.


    The following basic commands shall be covered by the end of the three weeks

    • Go to bed command
    • Down and Stay
    • Sit and Stay
    • Come when called
    • Leave command

    Obedience Class

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      Psychology and Behaviour Seminar

      Orewa College Arts and Events Centre 80 Riverside Road, Orewa, Auckland 0931, Auckland

      Do you want to truly understand dogs? Do you want to build a respectful and responsive relationship with your canine?

      Our psychology and behavior seminar is aimed at anyone who owns a dog, works with dogs, wants to enter a career working with dogs, or simply seeks to deepen their understanding of dogs.

      We want to help you forge a path to creating a balanced relationship with your dog which positively influences their wellbeing and mental health.

      Do you wish to understand why your dog behaves the way it does?

      You may already have some sound ideas or knowledge gained from your own reading and research. This course will give you a shortcut to learning as Ryan pulls key components from all areas of dog training. This course will help you cement what you already know, fill gaps in areas you don’t know, and cover more than just the surface value of obedience and tricks.

      Examining how the domesticated dog has developed anatomically and physiologically creates an understanding of behaviours commonly seen in the modern domesticated dog and therefore allows us to provide an environment in which the dog remains a happy and healthy companion.

      Let’s do right by our dogs. Join us at Orewa College Arts & Events Centre on the 19th June @10.30am.

      Email info@gooddogtraining.co.nz to buy a ticket. Or purchase through the link below.


      Key learning:

      • Understanding the dog
      • Basic psychology
      • Understanding behavior patterns and habit cycles
      • House management
      • Affect of in-home living and how this relates to the outside world
      • Questions and Answers
      • Spot Prizes
      • Food Trucks
      • Local doggy product stalls

      Psychology and behaviour

      $82Per person
      • Venue: Orewa College arts and events Centre. 80 Riverside Road, Orewa, Auckland 0931

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