About this program

This course is designed to iron out any unwanted behaviors and state of mind issues while also creating a calmer, more balanced animal that understands what is expected from it in the world around them.

During the 3-week course, your dog will come stay with us for 3 weeks, during this three week he will go for a daily walk, structured socialising with other dogs, and receive daily obedience training. By the end of the course, you can expect a dog that is easy to manage and listens to your commands.

Once the course is completed, we will then train you, teaching you about correct house management, how to correctly walk your dog, and how to control your dog’s new obedience commands.

After three weeks we will have a follow-up session, checking in on the training giving any guidance where needed, while answering any questions you may have with the training.

Topics we will cover

  • Walking correctly on a leash eliminating any Pulling obsessive sniffing or leash reactivity.
  • Correcting Minor unwanted behaviors such as, jumping up on people, jumping on countertops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away.
  • Aggression issues, fear aggression, territorial aggression, resource guarding, dominance aggression & more.
  • Separation Anxiety (some separation issues need a more extended program).
  • Building confidence within your dog, creating a more balanced state of mind.
  • Calm on Command training, having your dog be calm in all situations.
  • Leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands proper pack order with humans.
  • Work with your dog on the anxiety and fear Issues.
  • Foundation style obedience training, go to bed command, down stay, sit stay, recall training, heeling on and off leash, leave command, all while under distraction.

Training your pooch will receive weekly:

  • 12x Training sessions per week
  • 5x 1 hr walks per week in new environments
  • 5x Socialising sessions per week

This is also included in the cost:

  • 1x e-collar
  • 1x Assessment
  • 1x 2-hour hand over
  • 1x 1 hour follow up session

Book in your pre-assessment or phone consult to ensure the 3-week training course is the right fit for your dog.

Some cases require a longer period if the behaviours issues shown are more severe.

Usually $3950 Now $3160

Additional weeks $750 per week

  1. Intake 1 Monday 13th Janurary
  2. Intake 2 Saturday 1st February

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